Stephanie Griffith Beard, APLC

Additional Disclaimer regarding adoptions:  

This attorney makes no promises nor guarantees about the success of completing an adoption on your behalf. Please know that adoptions can take a very long time to complete, if at all, and can be extremely emotional for all parties involved.



Serving Southeast and South-Central Louisiana since 1998.


As an attorney, Stephanie is ethically obligated to advise you to hire an attorney to handle any legal matter that you may encounter.  The bottom line with this office is to strive to serve your needs professionally and competently, and in your best interests.  If necessary, you will be referred to another legal professional or other resource who can better serve your specific needs.  All consultations are completely confidential, so you should feel free to speak openly and honestly, in order that you may be advised as well as possible.

      Stephanie Beard typically handles intrafamily adoption services, including stepparent, grandparent, and other family member adoptions.

     This office can also assist in completing adoptions for families that have already located a child to adopt. 

     Each adoption experience is tailor-made for each set of birth and adoptive parents, whether engaged in a closed or open adoption.  And -- unlike many adoption agencies -- no matter which type of adoption arrangement is chosen, the decisions made by birth and adoptive parents in this regard will be supported.    

Adoptive Parents